Need Oral Surgery in Doral, FL?

Need Oral Surgery in Doral, FL?

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Taking care of your teeth, gums and mouth should always be a priority. When you need oral surgery in Doral, FL, turn to Luvic Advanced Dentistry. We offer L-PRF platelet therapy to promote fast healing and recovery after surgery.

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Our 5-step process for periodontal surgery

Any kind of oral surgery can be intimidating, so you'll want to know what to expect from your procedure. If you need periodontal surgery, our surgeon will:
  1. Make small cuts in your gums
  2. Lift back the tissue around the problem area
  3. Remove tartar and bacteria from the gums and teeth
  4. Suture the gums back in place to protect the teeth
  5. Use L-PRF platelet therapy to help your gums heal

The L-PRF process promotes healing by creating a bioactive Band-Aid from your own blood. If you have any questions about this kind of periodontal surgery, reach out to us now.